Born For Us: Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:1-7)

MOTIVATE Family Names: David Wesley: Beloved One / dad’s name Danielle Dawn: God is my judge Alethia Grace: (John 1:17) Amiyah Joy: (Zephaniah 3:17) Audry Leelah (Psalm 96:6) Avee Elaine (James 1:17) Zeke Alistair (Ps 59:17) Names are not only for personal identification, but they tell a story about your family, your history/culture, and your…

Finishing Flawed Saviors

We finally finished our sermon series: Flawed Saviors from the book of Judges. Here’s a recap and link to the series messages Half-hearted Obedience (Judges 1-2) Spiritual Negligence (Judges 3) Fearful (Judges 4-5) Faithless (Judges 6-8) Reckless (Judges 8-9) Haste (Judges 10-12) Impotence (Judges 13-16) Godless (Judges 17-21)

Flawed Saviors (Judges 17-21)

MOTIVATE When a jeweler wants to advertise the mesmerizing sparkle and priceless treasure of diamonds, it does so on the backdrop of a dark velvet material. When observing the diamonds, no one remarks about the beauty of the backdrop. The backdrop is dark to remove attention from itself but to reflect and highlight the jewelry….