The Gospel Reconciles (Ephesians 2:11-22)

AUDIO: MOTIVATE Oil & Water[1]: These elements are known not to mix. This reality is often demonstrated with food – cooking pasta, or in a bottle of salad dressing. When you shake the bottle the elements come together, but it is only temporary. When the bottle sits, the ingredients separate. However, there is one way…

The Gospel Awakes (Ephesians 2:1-10)

AUDIO  MOTIVATE Late November marks the month that I was called as your pastor and I started the first Sunday in December. I still remember like it was yesterday when I turned down an offer from one church, not fully knowing if SPBC wanted to progress with a young pastor without any lead pastor experience….

By Faith We Endure

Before God we are without excuse. Beyond Jesus we are without escape. By grace we are embraced. By the Spirit we are empowered. By the Scriptures we are equipped. By the Church we are encouraged. By faith we endure.

The Gospel Riots (Ephesians 1)

PLAY AUDIO:    MOTIVATE There is a story of two men: one a wealthy landowner named Hans and another a poor farmer named Kristoff. One day Kristoff was sitting under a tree eating an apple for his lunch. Hans was riding by the Kristoff farm on his horse and noticed Kristoff was taking a break….