Some links to those who have significantly influenced my faith, thinking, and ministry.

The Briefing : Commentary on current events and cultural analysis from a Christian worldview.

CCEF : Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation. Many resources to understand the human mind and heart, and helping others to follow Jesus. 

Center for Parent Youth Understanding (CPYU) : Youth culture and insights.

Children’s Ministry : Solid children’s ministry ideas & insights.

Desiring God : Several resources on God’s word, the Christian life, and ministry. John Piper has inspired many to think more deeply and humbly about the God of glory, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. 

Fuller Youth Institute : Youth culture insights.

Gospel Coalition : Articles, Blogs and Insights from gospel-centeredness

Insight For Living: Chuck Swindoll was one of the first radio preachers I started listening to build my faith. He is one of my favorite to explain God’s word and exhort God’s people in the church. 

JD Greear : The Summit Church (RDU); one of my former pastors and models for preaching and pastoral vision. 

Joel Rainey: Pastor in WV; one of my doctoral professors at SEBTS and challenging inspirations on theological issues. 

Paul Tripp Ministries: Counselor/Author from a gospel perspective. His writings have encouraged my heart and grounded me for the long-haul of pastoral ministry.

SBC Voices: Contemporary voices among the Southern Baptist Convention.

9Marks: A ministry for the church, Mark Dever, et al. This ministry has significantly shaped our thinking on church leadership and structure. 

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