Gospel Unity. Missional Urgency. (Joshua 24)

MOTIVATE Our families have a few mottos that we use often Everyone gets a vote but Dad’s and Mom’s vote counts as 5 (it’s changed depending on # of children; so we can be equal but never be outvoted solely by kids). If you think that’s unfair or being dictator parents, then I would agree….

Gospel Unity. Missional Urgency. (1 Thessalonians 5)

MOTIVATE September is upon us, which indicates a change of seasons. School is in full swing (BTW, we missed many for our school prayer walk) Pumpkins are arriving. (Stop by to volunteer or purchase) Weather is slowly cooling and daylight savings will end Nov 7. Soon enough will be Thanksgiving, and as I write today…

Gospel Unity. Missional Urgency. (Ephesians 4:1-16)

MOTIVATE Krakatoa is a small Indonesian island.[1] In May of 1883, smoke and ash began to pour out from one of its volcanoes. Three months later in August, one of the loudest, deadliest, and most destructive eruptions occurred in recorded history. The explosion was so violent that Ash reached estimated altitude of 27 kilometers high….

Heartbeat (Psalm 107)

MOTIVATE Almost every year we have a Testify service. When many people think of a testimony service they think: Do not make eye contact… How can I escape this service w/ talking? No pressure friend! Unwieldy chaos of people who just want to have a microphone in hand and gain attention. Unprepared pastor remarks blame-shifting…