Look out, I’m being recorded!

On Monday night a few people from church went to the PBA Training event they had. I took Tommy (our new intern) and we went to the Youth Ministry track led by Maina Mwaura. Maina is excellent. I really appreciate his heart and dreams for student ministry. The times I have heard him speak or even had conversations with him I walk away inspired to have BIGGER thoughts about God and have LARGER dreams and goals for student ministry.

On a side note, Maina gave us cassette tapes… yes, they apparently still have these although I haven’t made a mix tape since middle school crush days. Anyways, the tapes represented the fact that our lives are being recorded by others every minute. I have been reminded of this fact through connecting back with Tommy. Tommy was a youth at my home church when I was a volunteer youth pastor for about 5 years. He is now 22 and pursuing God’s call to serve in some type of pastoral ministry. He subtly reminds me of things I said and did 10 years ago as his youth pastor and it shocks me. My life was being recorded then and it certainly is now. My words and actions will make impressions upon future generations. Perhaps there will be others who will be influenced by things I say to be missionaries, pastors, youth workers… God only knows. The thing that strikes me most is that if I am not in a walking relationship with Jesus, being filled with His Word and Spirit then I have nothing to give those under my influence. I must always be sensitive to understand my weaknesses and strive for God’s wisdom, so God can bring about great things in others. This is not to say God will not do it if I am not walking with him. BUT, it is saying that I will miss the opportunity to be a part of his work, and I don’t want to miss it. So go ahead, hit record… are you ready?

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