The word for your church, pt. 1b

God cares for each church. In the letters to the churches in Revelation Jesus is walking among the churches and their messengers are in his hands (Rev 2:1). He has intimate knowledge of each church with their strengths and weaknesses. To some of the churches he gives a strong warning. His words pierce to the heart of each church’s issues. This is a profound reminder to pastors and churches that Jesus knows right where you are and continues to speak words of exhortation in hopes of renewing your love and passion for him. We should stop comparing churches to one another and realize God’s direct message to us individually.[1]

In relation to ministry with adoloscents, the message is the same. Jesus is not surprised by the issues you stress over. God knows the anxieties and pressures on every teen, parent and student leaders heart. Even more, he has the solution to every crisis… it’s called repentance; the word for every church in Revelation and the word for every church today.

[1] Cross reference article by Ed Stetzer, “You Can’t Love Jesus and Hate His Wife”.

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