DNOW Reloaded

Here are some highlights from this past weekend’s Disciple Now retreat:

  • God’s Word is powerful. It is living and active and penetrates the heart to convict of truth, bringing repentance and resulting in faith (Hebrews 4:12-13).
  • The gospel is as simple as 2 ways, 2 trees, 2 kinds of fruit, 2 destinations, 2 foundations (Matthew 7:13-23).
  • Effective preachers communicate by focusing on explaining the Scriptures more than giving their opinions and sharing irrelevant stories. Thanks Pastor Jason George for such messages.
  • Seeing teens get saved never gets old. I’m praying for the 3+ teens who courageously stood and repented of sin and received Jesus as Savior & Lord.
  • Seeing teens lead their peers worship Jesus is inspiring and transforming.
  • The church needs to find ways to unleash creativity and use the arts to communicate the gospel to the next generation. If not… well, we don’t have that option.
  • Youth ministry is never a solo project. I’m thankful for the parents who allowed their teens to be a part of our weekend. I’m also appreciative of the time, energy and effort our adult leaders invested in making this event a success. They helped me live out Philippians 1:3-6.
  • I love the partnership we have with other churches to reach and disciple teens. Thank you Leonardtown & Lexington Park youth ministries.
  • Youth ministry is spiritually fun, energizing and contagious… every ministry should be so. If it’s not, what’s the point? Life is too short to be involved in dull, boring and draining ministry. Service to God should be filled with joy. If not, move on and move out.
  • Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do? I AM NOT explaining this one. Leave that to someone else!

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  1. Greg Corliss says:

    Bad boys? What are you talking about!? 😉

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