Help Haiti (updated)

By now I am sure you have heard about the massive earthquake that hit Haiti. At this time the news is reporting the Haitian government and people are paralyzed to attempt any rescues with multiple thousands dead. When the earth quakes we can only be reminded that God is all powerful and His kingdom will never be shaken. We must look to Him for hope and rescue. The gospel reveals that we too are paralyzed and without hope until Jesus. This is why Christians must step up to speak the gospel into this crisis. The gospel not only is about spiritual hope and healing but is expressed in physical and tangible ways to meet needs such as this.

If you are looking for ways to give, here are some options, among many others:

World Vision
Samaritan’s Purse

Please also be in prayer for Amanda Luning  from our church who was planning to go to Maissade, Haiti in February. Not sure how this will effect plans but God may use them still in other ways.

Note:  The word from missionaries there as well as national workers & news is that the need is money, food, water and medical supplies. They are saying it is best not to go, in time future they will need us just as much. Consider that.

Here are some blogs of current missionaries in Haiti

Here are some articles worth reading regarding some national soundbite opinion and others

 “Does God Hate Haiti?”

Live with Haiti in your heart

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