i want this too… is the church growing because of you or around you?

If we want to see people really brought from darkness to light… people far from God brought to know Him in Spirit and truth, it’s going to be because you and I are personally invested in people’s lives. Good preaching and great music can produce big crowds and quick decisions, but not call out genuine disciples. Genuine disciples are produced only by the intentional investment of our lives in the lives of individual people through the gospel.

SPBC, I do not want us to grow simply because a bunch of Christians from other churches come to our church  or because we have an upbeat program. I am thankful to hear that our services are engaging and encouraging people with means that we will likely always have people… but attracting fans to a worship service matters very little in eternity.

In this season of a new blessing in our church, a question we must consider is this: Is the church growing because of you, or simply around you?

I DO NOT want the church to grow because of me! Yes, you read that right. If the church grows because of me (or anyone else) then fire me and get another pastor. A foundation of me or any person will condemn someone to eternal hell. Only Jesus is worthy of being our foundation.  However, I DO want the church to grow around me and every other member. This will mean that God is using each of our personal witnesses and that we are intentionally investing – inviting and incarnating the gospel with others.

Who can you point to that you are investing in personally? If no one, why not make this an earnest matter of prayer? God will help you if you ask Him.

adapted from my former pastor’s recent blog

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