9 reasons for 9 years

It was 9 years ago that I married my sweetheart. We started as high school friends and stayed that way through college. It took me some time but I eventually convinced her that we were to be more than friends. It sounds cliché but I truly love her more each year. And, here are 9 reasons why I still do:

  1. I love Danielle because she is a woman of faith. She loves God, has a heart for worship, strives to pray and read her Bible daily and is a godly example to not only her family but many others.
  2. I love Danielle because she loves me with a Christ-like love. She is forgiving of my many faults and she helps me to seek to be a better husband and father in our family. I learn about and see Jesus in her from the way she loves me.
  3. I love Danielle because she is a great mom. Before I married her I knew that she was good with children. After 9 years of marriage and going on 3 children, now I know she is great with children. She doesn’t think so but she really is. Alethia, Amiyah and Audry (coming tomorrow!!!) are so blessed to have you as “mommy”. And I too am blessed to grow godly generations with you.
  4. I love Danielle because she has a servant heart. She’s humble, patient, kind, compassionate, determined and faithful. She’s not perfect by any means but she does reflect these characteristics and doesn’t promote that she does. Day in and day out she lives a faithfully toward God and her family with very few complaints in life. 
  5. I love Danielle because she is a student. I admire that as smart as she is she never stops learning. She is always reading books, magazines, articles, listening to radio shows and podcasts to grow in her understanding of God, life, family issues of marriage and motherhood. She is way smarter than me. She finished her bachelors of psychology in 3 years while co-managing on the football team, she has a MBA in healthcare management, is extremely talented in many things and uses all these skills as an amazing homemaker. Her career is her calling by her choice and I am so proud of her and humbled to be able to say she is my wife.
  6.  I love Danielle because she listens. She listens more than she talks. This helps her to learn but it also helps her be compassionate for others. She has a gift of discernment, seeing needs to be met, people that need help and she uses her ability to listen to be a friend to many. She listens to her daughters chatter about anything and everything, she listens to her husband preach each week, and all this shows she cares for others.
  7. I love Danielle because she is creative. She is a great gift to me because she helps me create and clarify many ideas I have in ministry. She is very gifted not only with her mind but also with her hands; from crafts to clothing and to computers.
  8. I love Danielle because she encourages and supports me. This goes beyond offering her own creativity but she helps me to see my own talents, strengths, and weaknesses. She builds my confidence and faith by being a wonderful partner that I cherish.
  9. I love Danielle because. That’s it, simply just because. I am so thankful God has given us these past 9 years. We have come a long way and I expect we still have a lot to learn (me more than you). But I am glad to share this journey with you and I pray for many more years if God so chooses. I wish I told you this more often than I do, so Danielle, I love you, I love you, I love you!

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  1. Danielle (DiCarlo) Cagle says:

    Simply beautiful! It’s wonderful to have known you way back when as friends, and now to witness your lives together (even if only via Facebook). You are truly blessed to share life together, and I wish you continued bliss. =)

  2. growinggodlygenerations says:

    Danielle DiCarlo Cagle – thanks for sharing. Our family is tremondously blessed. Wish and hope your family is doing well too.

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