Saving Life



This is a recent video of a live incident on that went on national media September 15, 2011. A man who was minutes away from his destination decided to jump on his bike without a helmet and ride over. However, it wasn’t so easy as he collided with a BMW. Even worse, he was unconscious  and trapped under the vehicle. Flames increased and had the potential to cause an explosion. Death approached this man.

Many of those around the incident knew they could not stand by idly. They had to act. It started with 1 or 2 individuals. One lady gave further evaluation and said the man was alive and called the action to lift the car. Almost a dozen others sacrificed and offered their assistance. The car was lifted and a man was able to pull the victim out from under the car. Paramedics arrived and were able to save the man’s life.

– If you were in the crowd surrounding this incident, would you have offered assistance?
– What goes into the decision making of those who walked around or passed by and those who went over to help?
– Read Mark 2:1-12 , Jude 23
– How do elements of this incident relate to saving someone from spiritual death and hell?
– What is the significance of not just 1 or 2 but multiple people working together for the common purpose of saving a life?

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  1. Wanda Murray says:

    I think this is a great illustration of souls that are dying and on their way to the fires of hell! We don’t like to think of people this way and we think if we ignore it maybe it will just go away, but it is a fact of life. People are dying right before our eyes and so many times we look at them with critical hearts and just walk away

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