Jesus with you in a storm… by Ron Chambless

One of our church family members went through a “storm“, a difficult time in their life. Here is both a letter they wrote after their experience and then also a testimony message. Be encouraged about God’s faithfulness. Be thankful for a church family.

From Ron Chambless in August 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
It is a great joy to communicate with you as Becky and I have been on a life-changing journey since July 3.  Who would have guessed that after our usual Sunday morning activities that day, Becky would have been experiencing agonizing abdominal pain by that evening necessitating emergency intestinal surgery on July 4?  Who could have projected that complications would require a second surgery on July 10, followed by severe infection and pneumonia, extended time in the intensive care unit, and physical rehabilitation?
But, through all of those trials, GOD WAS THERE AND YOU ALL WERE THERE.  WE GIVE HIM THE HONOR AND PRAISE.  HE DID A MIRACLE OF HEALING IN BECKY’S LIFE, AND HE USED MANY OF YOU TO BE LOVING MINISTERS TO US DURING THAT TIME!  Thank THE LORD, Becky came home on Tuesday, August 9, and is continuing her recovery in the comfort of familiar surroundings.
In light of this experience, I believe God taught us “Lessons for a Life-time”, and I want to share a few of them with you if you would allow me to.  As events were unfolding rapidly and as things looked quite bleak at times, God gave me three words that seemed to summarize all of life:
GRACE—I suddenly realized what I probably already knew, but was now staring me in the face.  Life is a grace gift.  Every breath we breathe is a gift of God.  It is to be cherished, but not to be assumed.  Our life mates, families and Christian friends are grace gifts.  God gives them to us so we can get a glimpse of what the “Family of Heaven” will look like.  We are to appreciate them and realize they are precious.  Becky and I have come through this with a keener sense of how awesome the GRACE OF GOD is.
COMPASSION–As I prayed fervently that GOD would grant compassionate healing to Becky, I was reminded of HIS compassion to all, of how the scripture says “HE looked out at the people and had compassion for them..”  Again, GOD has used many of you to show compassion to us over the last few weeks.  Your cards, notes, calls, visits, and most of all, YOUR PRAYERS, have had an eternal impact on not just Becky and me, but on our extended family.  We learned afresh and anew that HIS compassion is real and that HE cares for every minute detail of the lives of HIS CHILDREN.
RELATIONSHIPS—As I pondered, studied, and prayed on these things in the prayer garden at AAMC and in my living room in the late night hours, I realized again, that the SUM TOTAL OF OUR LIVES IS FOUND IN RELATIONSHIPS!  God made us for relationships—first with HIM, and then with each other.  We are not to assume on our relationships.  We are to do our part to ensure that they are whole and strong.  We are to love, accept, keep short accounts, and to forgive.  As an aside, I have had a number of conversations with my brother over these past weeks.  You see, we were estranged and had not really talked in a few years.  But, during this time of trial he called, and suddenly the things that prompted the division in the first place were forgotten.  It did not matter whose fault it was, who did or said what!  What mattered was that my brother and I were “together again”.  Thank God—-RELATIONSHIPS MATTER. 
In closing, please know that the ministry of love shown by the SPBC family during this time exemplifies what a real family does in time of crisis.  Many of you were in the ICU waiting room at AAMC in the late night hours and the wee hours of the morning ministering to me and to our kids as Becky was battling for her life. You stayed there, you brought food, you took us out to eat, you had me over for a meal just to provide a bit of diversion.  BUT MOST OF ALL, YOU PRAYED, PRAYED, PRAYED.  Our son, Andy was recently sharing about these things, and he named or described the faces of every SPBC Family Member that was there in the ICU waiting room to minister on one occasion, and he spoke of being taken out to eat by some of you and what an impact it made on him.  I also want us, as a Sunday School Class and as a Church Family, to appreciate the fact that we have a PASTOR and DEACONS that “are the real deal”. They too have been there every step of the way.  They have shown what the scriptural mandate of servant hood looks like.  THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!
FOR MY SS CLASS, I want to thank Fred Delp for filling in for me over these weeks, and I want to thank each of you for “keeping on keeping on”.  Lord Willing, I hope to get back to teaching Sunday School the first Sunday in September.  I do so look forward to it, and I am anxious to study GOD’s WORD with each of you.  The September quarter will begin a study of ROMANS.  Again—a key word we will see over and over again will be GRACE.  How timely!!  I pray that we, as a class, will mobilize, increase, grow, and continue to be examples of HIS GRACE to the lost, to our community, to our families, and to each other as we go forward.
Ron (and Becky) Chambless     

Testimony Audio from October 2, 2011

Ron Chambless_October 2 2011


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