Raising Kids…


Engaging ideas to cultivate creativity and variety among children rather than forcing children into set molds and limited boxes.

What suggestions and ideas do you have?

How can we cultivate this same sort of creativity while providing a spiritual foundation and pointing children to be used for God’s kingdom?

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  1. Wanda Murray says:

    ” As the twig is bent , so grows the tree” Maybe not scripture , but the bible does say “Train a child up in the way he should grow.” Maybe a good paraphrase would be ” Train a child in the way he is growing.” Children are all different just like we adults , with different talents and skills , natural, God -given abilities.I met an 18 yr.old young lady once who had not grown up with her natural father, but when she met him she was amazed that they had so many talents in common. They were both gifted artists, both loved wildlife and the outdoors. Watch your children to see how they ineract with others. To what do they gravitate when given a choice of toys or things to do? My daughter loved playing mommy and nurse with her dolls as a little girl. I suggested nursing to her as an occupation when it came time to consider college. She wanted rather to be a criminal investigator! She ultimately went into nursing, because others also saw the nuturing characteristics in her as well! She uses those skills now in ministering to needy people in her inner center ministry. I’m sure Paul saw certain character traits in Timothy and so began traing him “in the way he should go”.

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