Who – Why – How of the next generation?

By Pastor Zach Villafuerte


Generation Y (Millennials) and Generation Z


–          Digital Generation – Internet; Facebook/Twitter/Youtube (has never known a world without computers or cell phones)

–          Gets most of their information and socialization on the internet.

–          61% have televisions in their rooms.

–          Known as the KGOY – Kids growing older younger (they leave toys behind at a younger age in order to play with computers, other electronics and video games.

–          Savvy consumers (they know what they want and how to get it), and they are over saturated with brands.


–          Self-centered generation (“be yourself and true to yourself”)

–          Have been told constantly that they are special so they expect everyone to treat them as such.


–          Don’t live to work, they prefer a more relaxed work environment with lots of hand holding and accolades.

–          Have big dreams and wants to accomplish much – but is unwilling to work for that accomplishment.

–          Work less – paid more mentality.


–          More Spiritual, less religious

–          Many of those who claim Christianity are either mushy or nominal at best, most are just indifferent about their faith

  • 65% of those who claim to be Christian never pray with others, and 38% don’t even pray by themselves.
  • 67% don’t read the bible or other sacred texts
  • Only 40% are willing to share their faith in Jesus to others.
  • 1 out of 2 are unsure that Jesus is the only way to heaven



So clearly the question becomes, why is this generation important to God?

–          God values heritage – as Pastor Dave already spoke about (genealogies in the Bible)

–          Children are something to be desire because they are a gift from God

  • Ps 127:3-5, God commanded us to be fruitful and multiply (Gen 1:28,9:7)

–          God enjoys the nature and personality of children (Matt 18:1-6, 19:13-15)

–          God desires that children be taught His Word and His Ways

  • Deut 4:9-10, 6:1-7; Titus 2:1-8

–          The Next Generation is Part of Today’s Church (1 Tim 4:12)



–          Teach God’s Word (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

  • Traditional -TeamKID, Youth Nights on Wednesdays, Sunday School classes
  • Modern – Creatively and authoritatively – use of media and digital mediums

–          Build Relationships

  • Pray for our youth – Paul always prayed for the saints
  • Have a presence  – Titus 2 (the older men/women should teach the younger men/women) – reach out and mentor, they need to know what men/women of God look like
  • Get involved– how can you tangibly get involved in some of the ministries that are geared toward youth
    • TeamKID
    • Generation Next
    • Sunday School and Extended Session (Toddlers/Nursery)
    • Various Church events in 2012


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