VBS 2012, 3 weeks away!

vbs 2012_june update

June 25-29 (9am-Noon)





We have 65 children already registered for VBS and hoping to have 100. We are 3 weeks away so keep praying & inviting! Hope you are ready for the flight of your life at this year’s aviation Amazing Wonders of the World. God’s power will be everywhere.



Here are a few updates of how you can be a helping hand with us:

µ     All of our rotation sites have leaders but we do need some additional helpers.

–          Nursery for workers

  • Urgent Need for 2 volunteers, likely have 3-5 children under 4 years old

–          Rotation leaders for all ages

  • PreK & K has 35+ children (Judy Myer, Mary Susan Roorda)
  • 1-2 grade has 15+ (Fred Delp)
  • 3-5 grade has 10+  (Noelle Morgan)

–          Craft & Bible Rotations could use helping hands

µ     All volunteers, we are asking you to have a red shirt. If desired, you can purchase a blank one and we can provide you a professional VBS Amazing Wonders iron-on decal. See PD to receive your iron-on decal.

µ     Decoration & Worker Days

–          Thursday, June 21 @3pm thru evening (pizza included)

–          Friday, June 22 @9am

–          Saturday, June 23 @10:30am at the Car Show to organize registrations and general help


–          Financial donations are always welcome to support budget

–          Decoration & Supply items

  • long white sheets (3-5) to create a “waterfall” visual effect
  • suit case luggage for visual “baggage area” in front registration
  • aviation paraphernalia

µ     Closing Ceremony crew

–          Food Team: cook hot dogs & set up drinks, snacks for families

–          Moon Bounce Team: set up, oversee and take down

–          Clean Up Team: after completion take down posters and decorations and vacuuming

µ     PRAY PRAY PRAY for workers, children and the entire week to be used to grow godly generations for God’s glory!

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