Knowing God from a Song (Exodus 15)

What can you learn from a song? Regardless if it is rap or rock, country (yikes!) or classical, punk or praise, secular or sacred – all music teaches. The songs you sing are filled with theology and reveal our thoughts about God. In EXODUS 15, the Israelite’s sing and teach us about the nature and character of God.


  • God is worthy of singing (15:1)
  • God triumphs over His enemies (15:1, 4)
  • God is strength, a song and salvation (15:2)
  • God is a man of war, the LORD (15:3)
  • God’s right hand is glorious in power, shatters enemies (15:6)
    [note: coming from a lefty this must mean that his left hand is even more glorious 😉 ]
  • God overthrows enemies by His majesty and His fury (15:7-10, 12)
  • God has no comparison (15:11)
  • God’s leads His people with steadfast love (15:13)
  • God is a redeemer (15:13)
  • God’s reputation of power precedes Him (15:14-16)
  • God is personal, taking His people into His presence (15:17)
  • God is eternal (15:18)

But know, “Worship Is More Than A Song”

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