Happy 500!

HAPPY 500!

This is my 500th post. I started this blog because I have a passion to spread God’s word as far as possible. At the time I was a Youth Pastor and wanted ways to further communicate and share teachings, information and ideas to parents as well as with teens. This blog became a format to email weekly and share. I’m not much of a true “blogger”. I enjoy writing but typically only do so based on need (career or academic) rather than interest or current events. movement

Anyways, after a while of looking at internet stats of readers I realized that it wasn’t just a few families in Maryland reading but somehow people around the world were clicking on blogs, searching words and pictures and happening to observe the content here. God’s gospel is going forth using even the foolishness of blogging (1Corinthians 1:18).

In all, if you are an email subscriber: thanks for subscribing – seriously! I hope and pray that you are encouraged in life, equipped for greater faith in and the content causes you to further explore Christianity and reading the Scriptures.

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