SE7EN Deadly Sins (series)

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A series on the deadliness of prominent sins in our life. Click on the above links for the audio/text of each message.

As Christians, we must remember that all sin, even lust of eyes, gluttonous yearning, greedy desires, envious emotions, angry attitudes, shameful sloth, and pride of heart are all nailed to a cross! Sin is defeated and dead because Jesus paid the penalty for all our sin. Forgiveness and freedom are offered in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus calls us to turn away from our sin and selfishness, and turn toward Him to trust Him by grace through faith in who He is and what He has done for us. His righteousness and perfect life covers our imperfections and grows to be instilled in us through the journey of faith. If you have not started, or if you are stalled, in your faith journey with Jesus then I invite you to come to Jesus. Trust Him. Read His word and ways in the Bible. I hope and pray these messages are an encouragement to point you toward renewal of life, only found in Christ.


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