God’s Preparation In Your Pasture (1Samuel 16)




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EXAMINE           1Samuel 16               God’s Preparation In Your Pasture

God prepares us in the pasture of transition (1Samuel 16:1-13).

–        16:1 “How long will you grieve over Saul?” Samuel was grieved over Saul’s sin and disobedience.


–        God’s work continues in spite of shortcomings and sins of Israel’s first king Saul.

è People have potential to disappoint & deter us…

o   When you observe flaws up close to a person or organization

o   When a leader fails

o   When a church member leaves church w/o reason

o   When a family member takes offense or fights with a grudge
è Our role is not to stress over the world’s failures or individual’s flaws. Our role is to have faith and keep focus on what God has called for our own life.
è “Fill your horn with oil and go…” God commands us to be fill up with Him and be poured out for His purposes.


–        God sent Samuel to focus on His plan and purpose by going to Bethlehem to anoint a king to replace Saul.
–        Samuel enters Bethlehem and the people fear him, perhaps because he’s a servant of Saul a ruthless king who was ready to kill his own son for eating honey.

o   16:5 “Do you come peaceably?” God’s prophets are not weak & wimpy cowards… they were men of courage & conviction.

  • Samuel = Chuck Norris – Samuel could blow bubbles with beef jerky. – In Israel there used to be a street named after Samuel, but it was changed because nobody crossed Samuel and lived. – Samuel & Superman had a bet that whoever lost in a fight had to wear their underwear on the outside of their pants. – Fear of tight spaces is claustrophobia; fear of spiders is arachnophobia; fear of Samuel is logic.

–        God sends Samuel to Jesse. Jesse was grandson of Boaz & Ruth (Ruth 4:22).

è God constantly orchestrates connections of people and circumstances. Don’t give up on God because He never gives up working in our life.


–        Samuel sought to choose a king based on previous characteristics choosing Saul – human strength & skill; but God was correcting Samuel’s perspective of His choosing based on spiritual conditions (”For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks on the  heart” 1Samuel 16:7).


è God was teaching Israel about true kingship is based not on human competency but spiritual character. Leadership is much more about character than competency. Character will determine our capacity for ways God will grow our life. God blesses the head and hands of those whose heart belongs to Him.

è God gave Israel a leader they did not expect or deserve. Oh that USA would get a leader better than we deserve!

è We are not chosen by God based not on good works but grace.


–        – – – > Transitions are teaching moments. Israel had lessons to learn… and so do we. As God was preparing David in the pasture of transition, so God is preparing us today in our pastures.


What is your pasture? What is your response?

1)    Fill your horn with oil (Saturated with God’s presence)

2)    Consecrate yourselves (Surrendered to God’s priorities)


God prepares us in the pasture of faithfulness (1Samuel 16:14-23).

–        Saul was not faithful to God and God’s Spirit was removed from him.

o   Today we cannot lose our salvation or the Spirit.

o   We may not lose our salvation relationship with God but we can lose our fellowship with God.

o   We can lose our salt and effectiveness.


–        God sent a harmful spirit to torment Saul… this was a sign of judgment.


–        In contrast, David was faithful in his pasture of preparation.


–        Descriptions of David:

o   16:10 youngest

o   16:12 ruddy

o   16:12 beautiful eyes and handsome  

o   16:18 skillful in playing [music with string instrument]

  • *** potential and power of music.
  • *** music can impact your disposition (good or bad) w/o your permission… It’s why our worship gatherings are important to growing our faith.
  • *** David’s psalms were often during his preparatory moments… and have had world-wide and historic impact (Psalm 23, 46, 91, etc.)

o             Man of valor (brave)

  • *** David as shepherd was preparatory for him learning to be a good king who cared for people and property.

o             Man of war

  • *** David’s slingshot was preparatory for him to kill Goliath and become leader of Israel’s army.

o             Prudent in speech

  • *** David’s humility and heart was honed during this season of life. David’s successes came from the fact that he was humble before others and had a heart for God’s glory more than his own. The willingness to serve in the lowliest of tasks, like caring for sheep and cleaning sheep dung, keep you humble and with a heart to serve God and people.

o            Good presence (handsome)

o            Lord is with him

o   16:19 with the sheep (cf 17:34-37 battle-tested)


*Our character is the collection of circumstances and choices that God uses to shape our life.

* Our character is often revealed in preparatory moments…

David’s strength & skills were shaped while tending sheep. God often uses smelly pastures to prepare you for a royal future.



v  Are you being faithful in your pasture? – – – Faith – – – Family – – – Job – – – Church – – – Witness

v  What is God teaching in your transition moments? – – – Fill horn with oil – – – Consecrate Self

v  Jesse sent his son David to Saul as an anointed king to replace Saul. It was almost a death sentence. Likewise, God sent His Son (of David) as anointed king to replace Herod and all other human kings & lords and His death sentence is our sacrifice that we place Him on the throne instead of ourselves.


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