Thankful Together

Last week I shared a challenge for our church to grow in the art of gratitude by listing 7 items of thanksgiving each day for a week, and add 1 more to equal 50.

Here’s my list:


Day 1

◦ We are grateful for grace in Jesus Christ.

◦ We are grateful for God’s sustaining care with grandparents health.

◦ We are thankful for working together to do house chores.

◦ We are grateful for safety of traveling friends.

◦ We are grateful restful Sunday’s.

◦ We are grateful for the last week of a long school year.

◦ We are grateful for mom learning new projects like screen printing.

Day 2

◦ Thankful for guacamole, ketchup, and Polynesian sauce (all separate, of course).

◦ Thankful for swim team practices and coaches.

◦ Thankful for washer & dryer and dishwasher and crockpots for household of seven.

◦ Thankful for time with a friend who is moving away soon.

◦ Thankful for dinner conversation can.

◦ Thankful for learning new things: potty training, crafts, school work, bible, etc.

◦ Thankful for prescription glasses.

Day 3

◦ Thankful for sunshine after storms.

◦ Thankful for AHG leaders and volunteers.

◦ Thankful for those who serve in national military and local first responders.

◦ Thankful for technology that allows for virtual phone calls with grandparents.

◦ Thankful being able to plan some upcoming travel to see distant family and friends, which was not possible last year.

◦ Thankful for reading lights and cozy beds.

◦ Thankful for spiritual leaders who use their influence for the good of others and not personal gain.

Day 4

◦ Thankful for school accomplishments and graduation celebrations.

◦ Thankful for youth collective bible teaching and friends at church.

◦ Thankful for fun and competitive four square games.

◦ Thankful for less cicadas and more fireflies.

◦ Thankful for Amazon delivery.

◦ Thankful for siblings.

◦ Thankful for God’s forgiving and empowering grace in conflicts and challenges.

Day 5

◦ Thankful for music lessons and singing our favorite songs.

◦ Thankful for cake and ice cream to celebrate birthdays.

◦ Thankful for toys, books, and electronics for entertainment and education.

◦ Thankful for meeting new friends and networking with other churches.

◦ Thankful for splendid sunsets.

◦ Thankful for the many reminders in people and circumstances for how precious is the gift of time. O Lord, teach us to number our days, that we might gain a heart of wisdom.

◦ Thankful for how the energy and personality of a three year old boy influences a family for the better.

Day 6

◦ Thankful for Kona Ice.

◦ Thankful for completing a long but good season of school and AHG.

◦ Thankful for hats.

◦ Thankful for nurses and doctors who help us when we need them like today.

◦ Thankful for adults who cheer and coach our children in so many kind ways.

◦ Thankful for soap and clean water which are not always appreciated around the world.

◦ Thankful for physical and spiritual WiFi (prayer).

Day 7

◦ Thankful to end the week with expectation of exciting new weeks ahead, starting with Sunday AM with church family.

◦ Thankful for quiet and meaningful devotion in the word with coffee this morning while children slept in.

◦ Thankful to hear a detailed instructional and thoughtful feedback video from the Milleker’s with my daughters and other children’s photography.

◦ Thankful for kind neighbors and an enjoyable neighborhood to live and raise our family.

◦ Thankful for each of my children, especially my today fourteen year old daughter. We made and ate her favorite meal together: chicken & waffles.

◦ Grateful for my amazing wife.

◦ Grateful for my dad’s example of hard work, military service, compassion for family, and hopefulness in suffering. Happy Fathers Day and I love you pops.

◦ Thankful for seeing many gratitude reflections this week through #ThankfulTogetherSPBCMD

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