Renovate With Clarified Purpose (Nehemiah 3-4)

MOTIVATE There is not much you do today that doesn’t have some relationship to Thomas Edison. Edison’s 1,093 U.S. Patents and 2,332 patents worldwide are responsible for every item that uses electricity as well as lights and batteries. His creations stimulated the motion picture industry, the recording industry, the X-ray machine, and he even created…

Renovate With Constant Prayer (Nehemiah 1-2)

AUDIO MOTIVATE Greatness is the goal. Most everyone aims for excellence and the standard is being above normal. Basketball: Michael Jordan is the standard (KB & LBJ are compared to him) Baseball: Babe Ruth is standard. Music: Johann Sebastian Bach[1] Innovation: Thomas Edison (1,000 patents) These are the standards by which today‚Äôs persons compare themselves….