Child Games: Jesus & Prayer (Matthew 26:36-56)

Gethsemane is symbolic of both pleasure and pressure. It would be the last place on earth Jesus would have His freedom, and it was a place Jesus would use to prepare Himself for the spiritual and physical battle of the cross.

A prayer for facing Covid-19

Items to pray while we face Covid-19. Pray for mindfulness of God’s greatness, giving us assurance that He is in control of all that is uncertain to our world. Pray for reason and realism to settle in our minds. That we do not think too little of what is impacting significant amounts of people, and…

Renovate With Convictional Leadership (Nehemiah 6)

AUDIO MOTIVATE There’s a story about a church celebrating its 60th anniversary. To celebrate their anniversary, they had an idea to challenge another local sister church to a rowing boat race along the Severn River. Each church purchased their own shell (boat) and selected their 8 team members whom they thought would win their church…

Renovate With Constant Prayer (Nehemiah 1-2)

AUDIO MOTIVATE Greatness is the goal. Most everyone aims for excellence and the standard is being above normal. Basketball: Michael Jordan is the standard (KB & LBJ are compared to him) Baseball: Babe Ruth is standard. Music: Johann Sebastian Bach[1] Innovation: Thomas Edison (1,000 patents) These are the standards by which today’s persons compare themselves….