Who’s Next?

Just this week I came across one of my own Sunday School teachers. I had the opportunity to preach & teach God’s Word in front of a crowd, of whom my own childhood Sunday School teacher was present. As I taught, I couldn’t help but notice the look on his face. His eyes gleamed with eager attention, his head tilted back as if he were examining every word and movement I made. And for some reason he couldn’t stop smiling. It was a unique experience to teach to my teacher.
As I reflect about my experience and where our ministry is together, I cannot help but think about the students in our children & youth ministry. Will they grow up to become pastors? Will they cross the ocean to share God’s Word with someone who has never heard of Jesus? Will they become teachers, leaders and use their giftedness in & outside their church? I sure hope so! What you are doing now will impact the lives of children in five, ten and even twenty years from now. You do not have to wait until eternity to hear the words of Jesus, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” God is whispering these words to you every week when you see those children staring back at you. You can see them… their eyes gleam with eager attention, their heads tilt back examining every word and movement you make. And for some reason, they can’t stop smiling. I pray you keep them smiling as you realize the impact you make every week as you teach God’s Word and invest in the next generation.
If you are not involved somewhere in our student ministries (infant – high school) would you please consider how you can? We are always looking for help, in big ways and in small.
“so the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children.” Psalm 78:6

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