Do non-believers root for believers?

Ok, I’m watching these MLB playoffs and honestly I am really excited that the NY Yankees (don’t worry, there’s not a chance I’d root for the Cowboys) are losing their series. Yes I hate the Yankees and unfortunately Yes the team I root for, the O’s are horrible. Anyways, my point is that for some reason I find myself secretly rooting for the Yankees to do better. I mean, I almost want them to win. After much prayer and reflection 😉 I think the reason is because I know deep inside they should win. They have such a rich history, the best athletes and essentially limitless resources as their owner, George Steinbrenner, has the highest payroll in MLB and will do whatever it takes to win.
What’s my point? Glad you asked. The point is, I’m not a “believer” in the Yankees although I find myself rooting for them. My question is, do non-believers root for believers in the spiritual realm too? Are they desiring Christians to be a part of the worlds greatest problems (spiritual emptiness, corrupt leadership, poverty, diseases, and illiteracy – see
I think unbelievers are rooting for believers; even if it is secretly. The reason is I think they see the rich history of God working throughout the world. I think they have some sense that there have been some great leaders and world movements that happened through the lives of well-known Christians. I also think they see that God has given His people limitless resources (His Spirit, the Word, prayer, the monster Church, etc.). AND I think they are rooting for Christians to go for it, to win it and win it BIG.
So, why is the Church ‘losing its series’? I’m not sure I have all the answers, in fact I know I don’t. But perhaps its because we are playing/living like we’re already defeated when in fact we should live knowing victory has already been achieved through the great power of the gospel.

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