The "Be With" Factor

As I study my Savior’s life I learn so much and become more captivated by who He is. Jesus was, and is such a fascinating Person. I see that he loved people, I mean truly loved them. Many times we say we “love” each other yet our words and actions do not support so. He loved people by being with people… laughing with, eating with (one of my favorites), talking with, working with, serving with; everything He did, He did with people – even when He was alone He was with the Father. In fact, the Bible says the reason He chose disciples was to be with them: Mark 3:14 says, “He appointed twelve-designating them apostles-that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach.” (Also see Acts 4:13)

Tonight was the second of what I hope to be many opportunities to be with a few high school guys with this intention – to grow together in the image and purpose God originally designed us. Our goal is to follow Jesus’ model of discipleship, what can be called “The Be With Factor”.

The be with factor is an intentional approach to mentoring the next generation. It is not intended to be yet another church program but simply about doing life together. I’m looking forward to our journey.

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