The Revelation, pt. 1

This is the start of an 8-10 part series of insights I am learning and teaching to our students on the book of Revelation. This book is one of the most intriguing in the Bible. While intriguing it also can be difficult to fully understand as well as fairly debatable. All this being said, I have found the entire book can be summarized into 2 great themes:

Jesus is Champion.
This phrase describes Jesus as the main character in the book. On an important side note, Jesus is the main character throughout all of the Bible. In every book, chapter or verse the overall message teaches the reader something about Jesus (His identity, character or some other truth). The opening chapter of Revelation gives a truly breathtaking description of Jesus. This is no weak, pathetic, wimpy picture of Jesus; it pictures Jesus in astonishing presentation, filled with supreme power and glory. This is not your typical Sunday School Jesus. Other words that are used in the Revelation are Alpha & Omega, Almighty, Living One, First and Last, Faithful and True, as well as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, among many others.

Jesus is Coming.
This idea is weaved throughout the book (1:7; 2:5, 16; 3:3, 11; 22:7, 12, 20). It speaks of Jesus’ second coming. His first coming was in humility and meekness (born in small town, meager conditions – manger scene with dirty smelly sheepherders). His second coming will be extravagant as every eye will see him and every knee will bow in worship recognizing his holiness and pure beauty.

What does all of this have to do with you and I? This is for the curious and the comfortable. The curious can read this book to see Jesus for who he really is, not for who and how he’s presented in pop culture. The comfortable pew sitting Christians can read this book and become energized to be about the purposes of God. The comfortable should not waste resources of energy, time, talents or treasures on peripheral things. The Revelation is a call to live in light of these 2 great themes. Will you join us?

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