Making Vision Stick (Andy Stanley)

The next few days I have some extra time on my hands to listen to some cool podcasts and cd messages. The reason is because my wife & daughter are away at the beach with grandparents. So, tonight I was listening to Andy Stanley speak from Thirsty 2007 conference on making vision stick. All I can say is “wow!”. God has really gifted this man when he speaks on the topic of leadership and vision. Below are my notes from listening.

(from Thirsty 2007 Conference)

State it simply.
· Short, carefully-crafted sentences/phrases
· Memorable is portable
· In order to do this some stuff will be left out.

Example: My personal vision has become the title of this blog – “growing godly generations”. Casting this vision in my ministry is a work in progress for me.

Cast it convincingly. (see Visioneering)
· Vision must compel people to action.
· Your ministry is an answer to some problem.
o You must define the problem. Your ministry vision is a solution to the problem.
o What would go undone if your ministry ceased to exist? How is your ministry different than others; where they are not meeting some problems?
o Your ministry vision must explain why & why now. What happens if your ministry fails to succeed? Why is urgency needed?
o Until you can answer the problem you should not cast any vision.

Repeat it regularly.
· Vision leaks. It’s like a car out of alignment where there is constant side-ways friction.

Celebrate it systematically.
· Recognize the “win” for your ministry. Pointing out specific wins will define to others what your ministry is about. It paints a clear picture and gives definition to the vision.
· Wins leverage momentum.

Embrace it personally.
· Vision is visible. “Your willingness to embody the vision will have a direct impact on your credibility as a leader.” Leaders should personally model the vision or it’s just another phrase on paper. People need to see your angst when you struggle fulfilling the vision. People need to see your inner delight when you are fulfilling the vision.

Vision Evaluation Gauges
· New projects, programs, products or people have potential to stall the vision. New is exciting but everything must be vision centered.
· Prayer must be centered on the vision not peripheral issues. Listen to the prayers of your ministry members to gauge if the vision is captured. If not, recenter the prayers.
· Complaints should reflect the vision. Listen to the complaints of your ministry members to evaluate how you need to better communicate the vision.

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  1. Scott from the Soo says:

    Thanks for posting this. Have you heard Andy Stanley’s message from the Drive ’08 conference: “Recent Random Thoughts on Church and Leadership”. It is amazing, challenging, humbling and empowering.

    Check it out if you have the chance.

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