Rewind YM

If you hit the rewind button on our youth ministry you can see where we’ve been and how God has worked in our ministry. Here are just a few highlights of our youth ministry over the year…

– At least 5 youth received Jesus Christ as Savior & Lord and followed in baptism this year! In fact, our church has baptized 16 people this year. Sadly, some churches do not baptize a single person each year. This is not to brag on us but is a testament to God using the insignificant for His significance!
– ZERO has averaged 35 students since August, up from an average of 30 six months ago and 26 one year ago. This is a slow progression but we keep nudging forward.
– Our Grow Groups have averaged in the 20’s which is those students taking the next step in following Jesus in a Christian growth plan. Students continue to memorize Scripture and have personal devotions, reading Bible books that we have been studying (Kings & Chronicles, 1 John, Acts, Worship topics)
– Over 12 students assist as Leaders In Training through our Awana program.
– 8 students participated in feeding the homeless in D.C. over the summerOver 20 participated in a youth mission trip & conference at MFUGE in Greenville, SC. Students served the city through children’s ministry, outdoor labor, drama and various other ways.
– 8 families (18 people) participated in a mission trip to West Virginia. We served the community through backyard Bible clubs with children, free car washes, door to door canvasing, prayer walking and nightly worship services.

I could keep listing ways our YM is being stretched and taking steps of advancement. The point is not to pat ourselves on the back but to remind us we’ve come so far let’s not turn back. There is so much more room to grow and take back what the enemy has stolen. Think about it, at best our student ministry reaches 50+ students. Yet, there are over 1000 students in the local Middle & High schools surrounding us. We’re not even reaching 1% of our community. All that to say, God is at work and we must join him. We cannot let up just because we’ve seen minimal growth. Let’s keep going!

“As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent [us]. Night is coming, when no one can work.” John 9:4

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