12 reasons to be thankful for the snow

12 reasons to be thankful for the snow:

1)      It’s a reminder of God’s forgiveness (Isa 1:18).

2)      It’s a reminder of God’s power and control in our life (Psalm 148:8)

3)      It causes us to break from routine of busyness, giving rest.

4)      It gives an opportunity to reflect, think and evaluate the direction of life and decisions.

5)      It provides an opportunity to spend time in the home building relationships and memories with family.

6)      It provides married Christians an opportunity to obey Genesis 1:28 and parent a godly generation.

7)      It provides an opportunity to work on or complete some projects around the house.

8)      It hides your lawn-care imperfections.

9)      It increases your social networking skills by engaging in more facebook status’ and discussing the qualities of the new layout.

10)  In some sense it stimulates the economy as people spend more at the grocery store, will likely spend money on car and home repairs from accidents related to snow/ice damage and people will likely seek retail therapy after everything settles.

11)  Shoveling snow gives your body exercise.

12)  Shoveling snow is better than shoveling earthquake rubble, as in Haiti.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Barbara Aud says:

    13. It helps improve cooking skills.
    14. It allows writers to ruminate and then formulate thoughts. Then it allows thems to articulate those thoughts on paper.

  2. Jim Benson says:

    Point number 3, I would have to question the “giving rest” comment. We have no rest from shoveling snow. But, it does allow God to show how we can be amazed at how he keeps us in his grap.



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