ME to WE follow-up

Later on Peter begins to summarize his letter to these Christians. In light of the Christian’s identity and destiny he says this in 1 Peter 4:7-11.

 The end is near: In God’s history of redemption everything has been accomplished before His return. Creation, Fall, Israel’s Law obedience & disobedience, Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection with the fulfillment in Pentecost. All is complete and ready to establish the Kingdom.

 Be clear minded & self-controlled: God calls His people to think clearly and biblically. Understand what is at stake for all eternity.

in prayers: The phrase is plural in “prayers”, suggesting specific individual prayers throughout a person’s day and life. The idea is not just so you can pray but that you can learn to pray more effectively and appropriately. God wants our prayers to be focused on Him and His mission. We cannot afford to be halfhearted in our praying. We must learn to pray God-centered prayers in such that it compels us to vibrancy, mission and service.

Intentional praying moves you from ME to WE.

ð    Forces you to focus on God (4:7)

  • Gratitude for the gospel.
  • Surrender to His will.

ð    Forces you to focus on others (4:8-11).

  • Love and hospitality
  • Ready for wholehearted service


1. So let us pray focusing on God.

          Thank Him for salvation. Never lose this wonder & amazement!

          Surrender and commit your time, talents and treasures to His glory.

2. So let us pray focusing on others.

Love deeply. Love covers a multitude of sins.
Is there anyone you need to forgive (cf. Matt 5:23-24, 6:14-15; 1 Peter 3:7)?

Offer hospitality…serve faithfully.

How can we pray for each other?

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