My Daughters’ Bible(s)

I love to read to my girls. My oldest enjoys it the most, she’s 3. She loves to cuddle up with me and have me read to her. She says, “Daddy, put your arm around me”. It melts me. My middle child is learning to sit still but I have a feeling she will always be learning to sit still, she’s just one of this kids if you know what I mean! By the way, she’s only 1. Then my other daughter is on a couple months old so reading to her will take some more time but I do enjoy it just the same.

I’ve shared these before on this blog but saw this and thought I’d do it again.

The Big Picture Story Bible was our first Bible for the girls. It presents the Bible as one big story line according to all the promises of God pointing toward Jesus. It really is simple, very memorable and yet profound for children. My daughter has practically memorized the stories if I give her a lead in with questions. This is not bragging because she doesn’t quite understand… but memory helps understanding. Nonetheless, I recommend it to you if you have children.

The Jesus Story Book Bible we got a few months ago and started reading it. It’s the same idea as the previous but it kind of takes it to the next level. In addition, it contains a handful more stories from the Scriptures. This Bible is more geared toward those who are starting or can read. You can also purchase this one set to cd and it’s worth the few extra dollars. The narration and sounds can capture kid’s imaginations and keeps attention.

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