Sermon Media

For the 3 of you who click on this blog there is a new page feature. We now have a media page where you can click and download the sermon messages from our church Severna Park Baptist Church. If someone out there knows how to do a RSS Feed from so that we can upload to itunes please give me a shout in the comments section below. For now, you can find them here on this blog.

Our current sermon series is going through the Gospel of Mark. It’s calledRooted in the Gospel“. We only have a few more weeks and then we get into our final 2 series for the year: “God of Darkness” which will explore the depths of human emotion that often overwhelm us. It will be a reminder to find our hope in God regardless of circumstances. Our last series will celebrate Christmas together with “A King With 4 Names”. Please know that you are invited in person or on audio to join us.


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