UMD Uniforms and Church Ministry


Recently, the Terps were on primetime television and not only put on a football display to defeat the Miami Hurricanes but they put on a fashion display with their new uniforms. Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour, said his job is to “start a conversation”.

So, here’s my conversation of how the new uniforms relate to organizational structures and specifically church ministry.

UMD Uniforms & Church Ministry


1.      Change happens.

    1. Athletic director with new dreams, goals, personnel, etc. Randy Edsall is the new coach. New uniforms reinforce culture of change.
    2. Change is the norm; if you do not change then you are dead – really, it’s a fact of life.
    3. Church ministry must realize that the gospel never changes but the presentations and packaging must be contextualized to current circumstances and surrounding culture.

–          What needs changed?

–          What doesn’t need change?

–          Where are we resisting change?

 2.      Effective branding & re-branding have careful marketing strategies.

    1. UMD is still MD, still terps, still school & athletics. Yet, Under Armour (UA) for UMD has 32 different uniforms based on the brand.
    2. Church ministry can start new programs, hire new people or do anything new to create short-term gains. However, all new things must be built on a proper foundation for it to have sustained momentum and growth.

–          Is there alignment among activities, events, programs, etc.? If not, what needs re-aligned?

 3.      New springs momentum where it previously was stalled.

    1. UMD Uniforms were “trending” – search engines, celebs & talkshows. Boring turned into buzz!
    2. New has the power to propel forward or negative, depending on if it is built on the right foundation.

–          Where are we stalled in momentum? (Evaluate intentionally & honestly)

–          Where are we gaining momentum? (Celebrate, Thank and Encourage)

4.      Variety of choices and creative styles reach variety of people.

    1. UA has 32 different uniforms, some are liked and others not.
    2. The same old is the same old. New ideas increase more innovation in other areas.
    3. Unity does not necessarily mean uniformity. Everyone is not the same or have same gifts but there still can be unity under the vision, purpose, direction and goals.
    4. Church ministries are known for being rigid in specific styles events & programming, learning types, worship music, etc. We must realize how to minister to the uniqueness of individuals while retaining a unified congregation. Welcome to ministry in the 21st Century where choices and customization are cherished.

–          Who is your audience and target? Are your events & programming designed to reach the variety of these people?

–          Is the same old becoming the same old? How can you increase a culture of creativity & innovation – where it is first even valued and then amplified?

5.      Relationships matter.

    1. UA founder Kevin Plank is a UMD graduate. UMD is a flagship school for UA gear.
    2. This is a mutually beneficial relationship not only financially but communally.
    3. Church ministries must never lose sight that people are the mission. People are looking for friends than they are a church (from unbeliever’s perspective), a program or ministry. Outreach, ministry, recruiting, training, serving, working all happen through the context of relationships.

–          How can you emphasize the people are the mission in your ministry?

–          Where have you lost sight of this principle?

What else would you add…?

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