Christian Teamwork

Christian Teamwork from Philippians 2

From the perspective of Christian love and fellowship with God’s Spirit…


  1. 2:2       Be like-minded (think similarly)
  2. 2:2       Be loving
  3. 2:2       Be united (one accord)
  4. 2:2       Be focused (on one purpose, mind, goal )
  5. 2:3-4    Be selfless (no rivalry… consider others more important than self; look out for others interests; identify with others 2:7)
  6. 2:3       Be humble
  7. 2:5       Be Christ-like
  8. 2:7       Be a servant
  9. 2:8       Be boldly sacrificial
  10. 2:9-11  Be Christ-exalting (point others to glorify God)
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  1. This is great advice for team development. Simple, direct, to the point and based on the best book ever. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. growinggodlygenerations says:

      Thanks Dale, I checked out your site and see some good stuff. May cruise it again some time. You may also enjoy:

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