spiritual evaluation (pt. 2)

please review part 1 and part 1a

Godly Convictions (Worldview)

Belief that God is real/ God exists

Belief that God is perfect, holy, good and sinless

Belief that God is the Creator of the world

Belief that humans were created by God and for God- created to worship

Belief that humans are sinful by nature and action

Belief that sinful behavior has negative consequences against God and others

Belief that humans will physically die yet spiritually live either in literal heaven or hell

Belief that salvation is only by grace through faith in Jesus Christ

Belief that God has given humanity perfect revelation about Himself in the Bible

Belief that God desires believers to unite in fellowship and be a witness to the world

Godly Character

10 Commandments

Have no other gods: submits to God of the Bible

Make no idols: appropriate use of relationships, time and possessions

Not misusing God’s name: speaks appropriately about God (in every aspect)

Remembering the Sabbath: attends church, prioritizes relationship with God

Honoring parents: obeys instruction, shows love toward parents

Not murdering: loves/cares for others through words and actions

Not committing adultery: is respectful of opposite gender

Not stealing: does not take (or grab) other’s possessions, generous

Not lying: honest, gives specifics when asked or not

Not coveting: content with own possessions, self-control

Galatians 5:22

Love: heart for God and for others, makes friends,

Joy: enthusiastic about God, not a complainer

Peace: has balance; not a recluse nor overly assertive

Patience: understands how and when to wait

Kindness: genuine care for others, shares objects

Goodness: obedient to authority, generous

Faithfulness: consistent in commitments, behaviors, etc.

Gentleness: empathetic, considerate toward others

Self-control: disciplined, not hasty

Godly Competency (Disciplines)

Celebrates God

Obedient to God’s Word

Brings Bible to group studies and other relationship connections

Knows how to find books of the Bible (chapters and verses)

Knows general story-line of Bible (Creation, Fall, History, Redemption, Gospel, Restoration)

Memorizes Bible verses

Prays with authenticity

Answers questions and genuinely participates in spiritual discussions with life applications

Love/Care/Concern (servant heart) for others

Shares the gospel with friends/ Brings others to church

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