Plagues > Flu; Exodus on Horizon

10 plagues_1


The flu bug overtook our household this week for a second time this year. It is never fun getting sick but it is even worse seeing your children get sick. Uniquely, God has a way of bringing to light His word through our current circumstances. I think I will never preach on the Exodus Plagues again! But seriously, I cannot imagine the thoughts, concerns, worries, stress and fear that went through the minds & hearts of the Israelites and Egyptians. I believe the flu experience is only a shadow of what occurred in each of the plagues.

In my experience I have been praying for God to heal and strengthen my body. And thankfully, I have felt the prayers of others praying the same and God’s gracious care for me and my family. It makes me wonder how people go through life without God – with no one who can bring deliverance; with no one who can identify with their weaknesses and who has true power to bring about change; with no one to promise eternal hope is on the horizon.

Because of Jesus Christ, I can say with confidence that the exodus is on the horizonHow about you?


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