SENT Nicaragua 2017

Interested in joining us to Nicaragua? This will be our church’s 6th year going and it’s more than mpnic_mapjust a trip; it’s an experience. You see a beautiful and diverse part of the world with IMG_6217mountain ranges, land of lakes, oceans on each coast, active volcanoes, eye-catching animals, tasty food and amazing coffee. You will also see people –
I mean really see people. People who are hungry for food, for hope, for life. You will be humbled. You will be changed. You will help bring about change. Interested?
Our church will be helping to provide food for over 500,000 meals in Nicaragua this year. Our team that goes will have the opportunity to hand a bowl of food to over 1,000 children, women, and men who often live on 1 meal every couple-few days. You can help us make a difference. Pray. Give. Go.
The people of Nicaragua are desperate for hope. It’s a nation seeking to build its tourist industry while much of the nation continues in deep poverty. Pray for this nation to have godly leaders and raise up a generation able to lead its people with wisdom, compassion, and faith. Pray also for our team’s provision for going and raising support of ministry resources. Pray for the team’s safe travels, and God’s favor in our ministry plans. The team will travel to around 10 different villages (2 each day) to show God’s love in word and deed. Pray for the indigenous missionaries and church pastors & leaders who receive mission teams and are making disciples in Nicaragua. Pray for the peoples of Nicaragua to have a clear and compelling faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. Pray also for the Miskito people group, a small and impoverished group of people who have even more significantly little access to resources of physical and spiritual health in Nicaragua.
In 2017 we have dedicated $8,000 toward two food containers, which each container feeds ~272,000+ meals and each costs about $4,000. We will be seeking to raise funds for additional food supplies (see below), t-shirts & dresses (see below), scholarship support for team members, and various other costs.
Each person going will spend around $1,300 which covers airfare, lodging, food, and various other expenses. Some persons are able to raise their own support while others may need assistance.
Our church is partnering with Life Connection Church (Severn, MD) for creating a team and raising funds to take ministry resources. We will take hard plastic bowls (which you bowlscan get 3 for $1 at most Dollar Stores), various size & plain colored t-shirts (about $3 each at Michaels, Walmart, or like stores), fabric dresses, and various other ministry supplies.
We have a group of ladies sewing fabric and making dresses for us to take. Contact our church office for the next gathering. A sewing pattern can also be found clicking here!
Our mission trip is August 8-15. We are going with a non-profit organization called Messiah Project Nicaragua. Here is our sent-2017-team-packet for those interested in some of the details and logistics. Click Here: sent-2017-team-packet
Nicaragua is welcoming and warm to visiting outsiders. Yet, remember that Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. The trip is a good experience of third-world missions. You will likely be challenged outside your comfort zone and stretched in faith.
Jesus sent His church to go into all the world. Will you join us in Nicaragua?
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