Onward March On Washington On January 27 And Beyond

An added response to a letter to the editor of SP VOICE

Here is what I believe.

I believe that I cannot allow myself to feel isolated or defeated by ANY election. My hope is not in government but in something and someone greater. I pray for brave and energetic heroes who will model maturity and moral values to the next generation. I expect teachers to partner with parents to teach students and my own children how to have convictions, character, and skilled competency. I expect neighbors and citizens in our community to express their individuality and diversity of beliefs, while also respecting my moral beliefs. However, I do not outsource to anyone (community, school, government, even church) my role and responsibility of training my own children virtue and values.

I do pray that I can reflect the standards of my beliefs with my behaviors. Undoubtedly there are times when I will fail my own ideals and those of society. When I do fall short, I will ask for grace and humbly take steps toward reconciliation and renewal of commitments I have with others.

Ultimately, our society has such a diminished and degraded view for the value of life that is shocking. Individuals, families, and society compels the murder of babies by the millions each year. School systems facilitate unsafe environments for children by pushing political correctness of a few over policies that relate to the care for all children. No person should be disregarded or demonized, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, sexuality, or religious belief. We can and should be and do better. We can honor diversity while also maintaining moral convictions and safe boundaries for all our families. We are America, the land of liberty.

Specifically, I do not agree with all of President-elect Donald Trump’s policies. Nor did I agree with all of President Barack Obama’s policies. For the first time, I voiced my beliefs with a vote for neither major party in this past election. Personally, I could not look my wife and four daughters in the eye and proudly vote for the Republican candidate. And I certainly could not speak about integrity if I voted for the Democratic candidate. I do not celebrate or condemn anyone who voted similarly or differently. My vote is my vote and was not wasted because it only counts once. In other words, a vote for one person or party does not count twice by not voting for another person or party. Therefore, my vote was truly out of principle, not bound to any politician or party.  

So, in 2017 I am marching onward as well. I have no reason to be fearful or fighting. I am not a loser of history, and nor am I slouching to Gomorroah. Instead, as a Christian I am marching onward and upward to a kingdom that cannot be shaken by earthly politics. As a Christian, my mission is far greater than a single country but extends internationally to “every tribe and language and people and nation.” America’s mess will never hinder the mission of Christianity. I will join with millions of others to stand and support the cause of justice for those the world devalues and degrades. I am marching because human dignity matters for all persons, whether in the womb or nearing the tomb. Will you join the march for life in Washington and beyond?

 db / Severna Park, MD

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  1. Jen says:

    Wonderfully said!

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