Youth @SPBCMD with RVR Retreat 2017

This weekend our youth ministry went away on retreat at River Valley Ranch (RVR). I was really impressed with the RVR staff from start to finish. Their registration process was easy but thorough. The staff were accessible and helpful throughout the weekend. The retreat speaker wasn’t necessarily dynamic but was biblical, authentic, and relatable; which I’ll talk those every time over a dynamic personality. An added bonus was the worship music environment was led by a popular band named Ashes Remain. They were veimg_6488ry cool and the real deal in terms of both musical talent and spiritual focus. And not the least that should be mentioned was how good the food was throughout the weekend! So, great job RVR!

Our weekend retreat experience helped to continue developing the relationships of our teens. The pictures tell a bit of the story with the growing bond of friendship and joy amongst our group. I was blessed also with three other adult img_0568parent/chaperones who attended with me to lead and oversee this trip. Some may say that we gave up time away from our schedule and families, and that is somewhat true. But, the greater perspective is to see our time as an investment in the lives of these children and group of teens within our church. These experiences are memorable and monumental in the overall spiritual development of young people. Our teens were vulnerable and honest in where they were spiritually. They are genuinely processing and making decisions to honor God in their faith commitments. And, some were even honest about the reality that they do not own faith quite yet, but are willing to continue in the journey of discovering the greatness and grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

So, while the weekend was tiring it was also fulfilling. I am thankful and prayerful to how God will continue using the investment of spiritual seeds planted to grow godly generations. I’m also thankful to be warm at home and sleeping in my own bed.



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