A Prayer For Mothers

mothers dayA Prayer For Mothers

Heavenly Father, on this Lord’s Day, we thank you for church family to gather in celebration of every perfect gift you have given. Of the many gifts and blessings you have provided, perhaps none has been more special than our mothers.

We thank you for the gift of good and godly mothers who have sacrificed and served us in physical & emotional care, and for those who have guided us spiritually toward priorities of family and faith.

We pray your healing upon those whose mothers were either unknown or unhealthy relationships. And we thank you that you are always near as our Heavenly Father to hear our cries.

We pray for those whose mothers are no longer with them, that they will cling to the comforts of the presence of God and the people of love in their life. Likewise, we pray for those mothers whose children have passed from this life too early, that you will console the pain and fill the emptiness with your steadfast love and hope. And we pray for us all to treasure the mundane moments and opportunities we have to spend with each member of our family and friends.

Further, we pray for single moms who do not have the help of a husband. We pray these families will feel God’s arms wrapped closely around them in a special provision.

We pray also for those women who may have never had the honor of bearing children biologically, but that they see their influence and nurturing extends to the many children surrounding their life in families, neighborhood communities, and in church life.

And lastly, we pray that the God of eternal strength and fresh grace bless each woman today.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude knowing God is a perfect Father who meets our needs and multiplies our joy in Christ.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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