Right Repenters

  • False repenters talk about forgiveness apart from the cross and suffering of Jesus; it’s cheap grace rather than costly grace.
  • False repenters are vague and evasive about their sin, talking about change apart from Christian discipleship and accountability.
  • False repenters are motivated by lists and legalism rather than a spirit of love for God and people.arrow_6
  • False repenters are bothered by other’s sins more than their own.
  • True repenters are humbled by guilt and shame and readily admit when they are wrong.
  • True repenters speak frequently about the death & resurrection of Jesus, & how gospel relates to their life.
  • True repenters can readily identify specific sins of commission and omission in their life.
  • True repenters invite others to confront and encourage them in holiness.
  • True repenters sacrifice comfort and calendar priorities to invest in spiritual growth opportunities personally and corporately with others.

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