Share Jesus like Papa Joe & Mama Mar Bear

When Joseph & Mary received the announcement they were going to have a child, it was quite a Jesus_9shock. Joseph would become a husband and a papa in a matter of weeks. Mary would become a teen wife and mama bear immediately!

While the news was somewhat exciting, it was also frightening. Their child would not be ordinary. The family’s circumstances would be challenging. Further, we know the birth story would not be surrounded by familiar comforts. Their child was born in a stable, wrapped in swaddling cloths, and placed in a feeding trough. In all, the new parents would have quite a responsibility and stewardship raising God’s Son. 

What would be their parenting strategy? Rather than being overprotective parents or overwhelmed by the mission, Joseph and Mary modeled for us what it means to share Jesus in the every day happenings.

  • When guests give a surprise knock at your door (shepherds).
  • When going to synagogue/church and meeting those with unfulfilled longings (Simeon and Anna).
  • When traveling on an adventure and those with deep questions needed deep answers (religious leaders).
  • When at a wedding and the bride and groom needed advice and assistance (wedding at Cana).
  • And so many times unknown to us in the raising of the child and young man of the Son of God.


The Nativity family reminds us the ultimate aim of the family is not to keep children safe from all harm, but to shape them and send them for the mission of God. Parents are not just raising children but raising children to become contributors to God’s kingdom. Launch the arrows into the heart of enemy territory by sending your child equipped with the word and wisdom of Jesus.








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