Acts Outline and Paul’s Ministry Timeline

An outline of the book of Acts and Paul’s ministry

I. A Friendship Formed: Barnabas and Saul (Paul)

   A. Saul taken to Antioch by Barnabas, they stay for a year Acts 11:25-26

            1. Barnabas and Saul in charge of offering for famine relief to Jerusalem

Acts 11:29-30, AD 46

            2. Barnabas and Saul return to Jerusalem after their mission Acts 12:25

II. First Missionary Journey (AD 47-48)

   A. Barnabas and Saul set apart by Holy Spirit Acts 13:2

   B. Paul in Cyprus

            1. Encounter Elymas the magician and Paul turns him blind Acts 13:11

            2. Proconsul, Sergius Paulus believes Acts 13:12

   C. Paul in Perga in Pamphylia

            1. John Mark leaves and returns to Jerusalem Acts 13:13

   D. Paul in Pisidian Antioch

            1. Paul preaches through the Scriptures Acts 13:16-41

            2. Paul turns to Gentiles as Jews refute the message Acts 13:46

   E. Paul in Iconium

            1. A large number of Jews and Greeks believe Acts 14:1

            2. Attempts to stone Paul and the others Acts 14:5

   F. Paul in Lycaonia, Lystra, Derbe and surrounding region

            1. Paul preaches and heals a man which causes an uproar Acts 14:11-15

            2. Paul is stoned supposing to be dead Acts 14:19

            3. Paul and Barnabas appoint elders and strengthen churches Acts 14:20-25

   G. Paul returns to Antioch

            1. Missionary reports of God’s work among the Gentiles Acts 14:27

*Paul writes Galatians (AD 49) (Southern Galatian Theory)

III. Jerusalem Council

   A. Paul and Barnabas go to Jerusalem

            1. In travel they encourage brethren in Phoenicia and Samaria Acts 15:2-3

            2. Council affirms Paul and Barnabas; work among Gentiles

   B. Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch

IV. Second Missionary Journey (AD 49-52)

   A. Paul and Barnabas Split Acts 15:37-41

            1. Barnabas takes Mark toward Cyprus

            2. Paul takes Silas toward Syria and Cilicia to strengthen churches

   B. Paul recruits Timothy in Derbe-Lystra

            1. Paul circumcises Timothy Acts 16:3

            2. Paul travels through the churches and strengthens them Acts 16:5

   C. Paul receives Macedonia vision

            1. Paul leaves for Macedonia Acts 16:10-11

            2. They stay in Philippi and witness to Lydia who believes Acts 16:14-15

            3. Paul arrested for ceasing a girls annoyance Acts 16:19

            4. Paul and Silas in prison and takes opportunity to witness to the jailer Acts 16:30

   D. Paul in Thessalonica Acts 17:1

            1. Paul preaches Christ

                        a. Some believe 17:4

                        b. Jews reject and attack house of Jason Acts 17:7

   E. Paul in Berea

            1. Paul preaches Christ

                        a. Many believe Acts 17:12

   F. Paul in Athens

            1. Paul’s encounter with philosophers’ Acts 17:17-33

                        a. Some believe Acts 17:34

   G. Paul in Corinth

            1. Paul meets Aquilla and Priscilla

            2. Paul works as a tent-maker Acts 18:3

            3. Paul preaches Christ Acts 18:5

                        a. Crispus and others believe Acts 18:8

            4. Paul stays for a 18months teaching the Word of God Acts 18:11           

*Paul writes I, II Thessalonians (AD 50, 51)

   H. Paul takes Priscilla and Aquila to Ephesus

   I. Paul sails to Caesarea

   J. Paul goes to Antioch

V. Third Missionary Journey (AD 56-58)

   A. Paul passes through Galatian region and Phrygia, strengthening churches Acts 18:23

   B. Paul heads to Ephesus; shares the baptism of the Holy Spirit with disciples Acts 19:2-6

   C. Paul stays in Ephesus for over 2 years Acts 19:10

            1. All Asia heard the Word of the Lord

*Paul writes I, II Corinthians (AD 55, 56)

   D. Paul passes through Macedonia Acts 20:1

   E. Paul spends 3 months in Greece Acts 20:3

*Paul writes Romans AD 57/58 

   F. Paul passes back through Macedonia

   G. Paul sailed to Troas from Philippi staying 7 days Acts 20:6

            1. Paul preaches into the night until daybreak

                        a. Eutychus falls asleep and falls dead out of a window

                        b. Paul raises him back to life

   H. Paul reaches Ephesus

            1. Paul calls the elders together and exhorts them to continue the faith Acts 20:18-38

   I. Paul reaches Tyre and stays for 7 days Acts 21:4

   J. Paul goes over to Caesarea and stays with Philip

            1. They meet Agabus who prophesies Paul’s future tribulations Acts 21:11

   K. Paul goes to Jerusalem and meets with James and the other elders Acts 21:18

            1. Paul hears of false rumors, decides to cooperate with Jews with a vow Acts 21:21-26

VI. Journey to Rome

   A. Responses to Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles:

1. Jews falsely accuse Paul Acts 21:27

            3. Paul is seized but shares his testimony Acts 22:1-21

            4. Paul’s testimony is rejected so he petitions his Roman citizenship Acts 22:25

            5. Paul gains a trial before the chief priest and Council Acts 22:30

                        a. Paul refers to the Resurrection Acts 23:6

            6. Paul escorted to Caesarea Acts 23:23-33

   B. Paul’s defense before Felix

            1. Paul is accused by Tertullus

            2. Paul claims his innocence and his charge of belief in the Resurrection Acts 24:10-21

            3. Paul stays in jail for 2 years

   C. Paul’s defense before Festus

            1. Paul appeals to Caesar in Rome Acts 25:11

            2. Festus allows Agrippa to investigate Paul Acts 25:26  

   D. Paul’s defense before Agrippa

            1. Paul shares his testimony and affirms his belief in the Resurrection Acts 26:4-29

   E. Paul’s travel and shipwreck

            1. Paul, under centurion guard, sails along the coast to Crete; Fair Havens Acts 27:8

            2. They are hit by a violent wind and land on an island, Malta Acts 28:1

            3. Paul performed healing miracles Acts 28:8-9

            4. They set sail and put in at Syracuse and later Rhegium Acts 28:12-13

                        a. They stayed with some brethren

   F. Paul in Rome

            1. Paul is by himself under guard Acts 28:16

            2. Paul stayed in prison for 2 years preaching Christ openly Acts 28:30-31

*Paul writes prison epistles: Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon, Philippians (AD 61-63)

**Paul likely released and possibly goes on to Spain, also writes the pastoral letters to Timothy and Titus before being martyred between AD 64-67 under Roman emperor Nero.

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