Retreat Leftovers – When I grow up…

As I mentioned in my last post I asked students what they dream of becoming when they “grow up”. The answers were fascinating. Here’s a few I remember:
– Astronomer
– Politics/President
– Something with environmental science
– Auto mechanic
– Professional sports athlete
– Athletic trainer
– Youth pastor
– Teacher
– Mother

These students have great dreams. I encouraged them all to not give up on any of these. Can you imagine our churches engaging our culture as fully devoted followers of Jesus in each of these areas? Why couldn’t we change our world for Jesus? I, for one, am excited about the potential that exists in our student ministry.

There is one on this list which was repeated about 4-5 times that surprised me. Mother. There were 4 or 5 teen girls who honestly were dreaming of becoming a mom. It surprised me because most teens are looking forward to “freedom” from the experiences of childhood rather than looking how to care for children. Rather than seeing children as an opportunity to invest, train and mold for godly purposes they are often seen as another chore to take care of. So, I applaud these young ladies in this dream. Perhaps they have such a lofty dream and seek to embrace this high calling because they have had the privilege of godly motherhood modeled for them. Of course, perhaps not, but the point is our youth ministries really are equipping the next generation. As parents, youth leaders and pastors we should capture the vision that we are teaching young people what it means to be a godly mom, father, spouse, etc.

On a side note, this made for interesting [grin] discussion when these students were answering question 2 (see previous post). If you don’t get it, then ask me later and we can have that little talk.

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