The history God gives is the revelation of himself. Throughout the ages God has faithfully revealed himself to each generation. God is revealed through creation; this is called general revelation (Psalm 19:1-6; Romans 1:20). God is also revealed through unique divine encounters; this is called special revelation (Psalm 19:7-8).

Specifically, the writer of Hebrews notes God speaking through prophets about Jesus. The prophets were God-appointed people who would speak God’s message to the people. God’s message may have included prophecy, warning or judgment. In all, the fact that God spoke at all was a sign of grace and mercy for God to initiate communication with his creation. If God kept silent there would be none or limited knowledge of him much less an understanding of his intentions or will. The point is, all of history really is His Story; the story of God working together his purposes to redeem a people for himself. God’s revelation is not simply for information but for the purpose of personally knowing a living God. Jesus is the complete revelation of God to communicate divine truth and offer personal contact with God (John 1:14).

Have you heard from God? God is calling and speaking out directly to you. He wants you to trust him in every area of your life. Are you listening?

· How do you know if God has spoken to you?
· What are some different ways that God speaks (be specific using examples from both general & special revelation)?
· If God kept silent never giving any Scripture or speaking through prophets, how would life be different?
· What do you think God wants to speak to you? If you do not know, how will you find out?

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