MOPS Adventures

I had the opportunity to speak at our MOPS ministry. Here is what I shared:

This year’s MOPS theme is “Adventures in Mothering”. No doubt, there are many adventures that a mother could speak about her children. However, if you had to choose just one which one motherhood adventure would you choose to be the greatest?

I’m not a mother, but as a father who observes motherhood I would have to say the greatest motherhood adventure would have to be the delivery; the miracle of childbirth. Indeed, the whole process of conception to delivery is amazing and one of the greatest joys any person can ever experience.

Likewise, several years ago there was a childbirth miracle that has given many of us the adventure of a lifetime. It is the birth of Jesus Christ. If we could speak to his mother, without a doubt she would surely say this was her greatest adventure in motherhood. I mean, who else conceived a child without the help of a man or modern science (I say modern science because of the infamous pregnant man). Mary was not completely without fear but she did enter her motherhood adventure with confidence because of 2 simple principles.

Let’s read Luke 1:26-38 to better understand these principles that I hope will be an encouragement and help to you as a MOP.

God wants to give himself to you in the adventure of motherhood.
The first principle is taken from the text when the angel first greeted Mary with a promise from God. The promise is, “The Lord is with you” (1:28). These simple, short few words probably meant the most to a young teenage girl about to be a mother. At that time in history God’s presence was rarely sustained in a person’s life. God only dwelt among humanity for specific and temporary purposes. This promise made Mary tremble for she knew something big was about to occur, and it was happening in her life!
Today’s moms need a fresh reminder of this promise. Most mother’s tend to feel isolated as if no one understands their situation and they are left alone, or with little help, to accomplish all that a mom has to do. To put it plainly, in my ministry, counseling observations and personal relationships I have found women need reassuring. This does not mean women are inferior, weak, a failure or any less than the person beside them. It simply means that is how they are wired and ultimately there is only One Person who can fill this reassurance role.
As moms seek self-assurance they tend to look in themselves, in their spouses, their children, books and magazines, in their neighborhoods, in their abilities and accomplishments. However, all these things are fleeting. They will only produce a temporary assuring. Only God, a relationship with Jesus Christ can generate full and lasting assurance. God promises to be faithful in all things and he can be eternally trusted. By admitting our weakness, sin and insufficiency and trusting in His provision for forgiving and covering our sin, God enters our life.

Having a relationship with God does not mean all doubt or fear will be removed from your life. It does mean that you can have confidence to know God will be with you, guiding you in every step. For Mary, that meant the provision of the miraculous virgin-birth. It meant the instruction of naming the child Jesus and the promise of the child’s future provision – in a sense, the parents did not have to worry about the child’s education and career choice. The point is, God wants to be in your life to help you and your family.

Will you invite Jesus into your life?

God wants to give community to you in the adventure of motherhood.
The second principle can be found towards the end of this passage when the angel told Mary that someone else would similarly share in this experience. Mary’s cousin, Elizabeth, would also have a child approximately six months before her. This would bring great encouragement to the young Mary as her older cousin shared the joy and difficulty of such a pregnancy. You can read and see the excitement they enjoyed in verses 39-56. Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months.

God knew Mary’s personality, emotions and what she needed to get through this pregnancy. So, he allowed her cousin to share in the experience. They would be forever linked. Likewise, God knows you cannot do it alone. Certainly, God is sufficient. But one of the ways he reveals himself and his provision is through the community of believers. He provides friends and ultimately, the church as a source of strength, support and partnership in being a spouse, a mom and raising a family.

The MOPS group that you participate in is only a start of God’s provision for community. God constructed his church, the people of God to walk alongside of you for you to both give and receive help. You were created to be a part of this forever link.

Will you join our community?

Larry King, the popular CNN interviewer, when asked if he could interview anyone from all history, said, “Jesus Christ.” “And what would you like to ask Him?” King replied, “I would like to ask Him if He was indeed virgin-born. The answer to that question would define history for me.”

What is your faith response to Jesus Christ? Will you receive God’s help of Himself and His community into your life?

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