Moses & Leadership

On Sunday morning our youth are studying Exodus. It’s been fun to recall the story of a little boy floated down the Nile River in a basket, how God used a shepherd to lead the Israelites out of slavery, the plagues… ohhh, the plagues and of course the things Moses learns as a leader of an entire nation.

This week a part of our lesson is in chapter 18. Here are some things I am learning from Moses (and the Holy Spirit!) and trying to apply to our Youth Ministry.

1) God calls every person to play a role in his kingdom. Everyone has a different part and each is meaningful to the whole. This includes every age, gender, personality type and skill level.
2) Leadership is about developing people. This means empowering others to assist in meaningful ways of service. Leaders cannot do it alone.
3) People are more affirming and respectful of leaders who develop than leaders who remain independent. If a leader is not developing and employing people to serve the vision then they will become dissatisfied and feel devalued.
4) Busyness does not equal productivity or effectiveness. Moses was busy but not successful as a leader until he understood the art of developing others. In a word, delegation. Delegation sounds negative but if properly understood it is really helpful to everyone involved.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Please post in the comments section below.

AND as a plug for our YM… we’re starting YOUTH LEAD. It’s a new way of doing ministry but an essential one if we are to be effective in our vision of growing godly generations. If you are wondering how you can fit in YOUTH LEAD I would love to sit and chat over a cherry coke with ya. Hope to hear from ya.

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  1. Dave says:

    #2… I forgot to mention that to assume we can do it alone is to take on the role of God. In leadership this is a pride issue. When leaders fly solo without strategically & meaningfully involving and developing others there is sure to be some hidden issues of pride or arrogance. I know this unfortunately because of my own heart as well as past experiences I have observed in ministry. It's not a pretty picture. And as a leader I have to repent, continuously asking Jesus to guard my heart from this sin. For me to be a successful leader means I am connected to the Vine (John 15:5) and connecting with others through the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4).

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