HGG and Beyond…

Well, this Sunday the final message in our TEXT LOVE series… well, sort of. Let me explain.

First, I’m in the process of writing an article on the topic perhaps called “Digital Discipleship”. My goal is to offer a resource for parents and youth leaders alike who really want to understand how to connect and train this new generation of children. We have got to figure out how to communicate the gospel with children and teens in a culture that wants to take them the opposite direction. We cannot let happen what happened in Judges 2:10-11 “After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers [the one’s of Joshua’s day who knew God and saw the miracles of following his ways], another generation grew up, who knew neither the Lord nor what he had done for Israel. Then they did evil in the eyes of the Lord and served [other gods].” Let’s keep praying and focusing on our mission of partnering together to grow godly generations.

Second, I have heard it described before about ministry that leaders must find the waves and keep surfing. When the waves die find new ones. Or perhaps a more familiar way of explaining it that profoundly impacted me and my walk with God was an Experiencing God Bible study that said, “Find where God is working and join him”. So with that being said, I think I’ve found a surfing zone. Or at least an area where God wants to continue probing in my life and in the hearts of our youth ministry. You see, the TEXT LOVE series has simply been about God making you look more like Jesus through the context of relationships. Sanctification (God making you look more like Jesus) and holiness does not happen in isolation of other people. Your holiness is a community project .

For the next few week’s we’ll be surfing on a few more waves but they won’t look the same. But rest assured, they are waves from the same source. Our next series will explore common habits… sins that infect our lives and the way we treat others. It will be called Se7en for the 7 Deadly Sins. YES, I know the Bible does not teach different levels of sin, yet there are one’s that stand out that we can learn how to avoid their influence. In all, this theme was actually a request from a couple of our youth. To somewhat oblige and also to continue riding the wave we will see where God will take us from there.

Until then, surf’s up!

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