TOP 10 reasons to come feb 14

Just wanted to remind you the TOP 10 reasons to come this Saturday, February 14 5PM Sweetheart’s Night

1. You get to have real conversations (not texting) and hang out with friends along with meeting new ones.

2. You get to see an extreme valentine makeover for our church fellowship hall.

3. You get to enjoy a fantastic dinner… mmm, I can almost taste it now. Dinner starts at 5PM. Youth should be there 4pm to organize dinner & childcare service.

4. The desserts will be off the hook (that means really tasty), as they always are thanks to many of you great bakers out there!

5. You get to invite unbelieving friends to a non-threatening opportunity of hearing the gospel through a solid, family-friendly dramatic comedy movie, Fireproof. If you’re not signed up for the dinner or can’t make it for some reason the movie starts at 7PM.

6. You get to enrich your marriage by spending TIME with your spouse! Men, we all need a few extra deposits in this bank account 🙂 Even if you’re not married you will enrich your future marriage or just get a kick out of watching 45 year old men try to fight back tears while watching a movie.

7. You get to enjoy a meal without children having a food fight at the dinner table.

8. You get see if our church’s water pump will continue to work for 2 weeks in a row (jk, it’s definitely fixed now… we hope, gulp!)

9. You get to give generously to our youth ministry who work hard at providing quality events for parents, church members and guests.

10. You get to memorialize this historic moment in time with a valentine picture for just $5.

11. I know it’s a top 10 but we gotta give you one extra…You get to enter to win 1 of 3 of the super cool door prizes.

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