Monday Ministry Leftovers

Had a great last week. Started it off with the introduction of “The Breakfast Club”. This is where the youth pastor/leaders go wake up teens early in the morning on their summer break. The purpose is two-fold: 1) To remind teens their YP is just a bit crazy and since you never know what he’ll do next we shouldn’t cross him. 2) To give teens memories. They need wild, fun and intriguing memories about people who care and model Jesus. I pray that our youth leaders (myself included) never lose our passion for why we do what we do to invest in the next generation. And in case you were interested… here was our first victims. Congrats Sammy, Steffen & Curtis.


The week ended with my daughter’s 2 year old birthday and party. She got a bike from her grandparents which she calls her “motocycle”.IMG_7450_edited-1 

And then there was Father’s Day. I’ll give another post this week from the message I shared on Sunday morning. I love leftovers.

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